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Martina: Tortoises like George were over-exploited by whalers and fur sealers in the s. Pirates brought them aboard ships as a food source, and also introduced non-native species to the islands that ate tortoise eggs. Later, in the 20th century, goats were brought to the island and they devastated the tortoise's habitat. Era el Solitario George. In the meantime, George spent his days at the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, where Washington would observe him with awe. When females of species similar to his were introduced into his habitat to mate, George ran them off. That behavior, too, is very unusual in tortoises and proved difficult for the preservation project.

Martina: Washington spent three months observing George every day, all day, and finally George warmed up to him.

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Eventually, there were only two people who could get near him. The other was Washington. Washington: Don Fausto, un hombre moreno con manos fuertes, era su cuidador permanente.

George lo amaba. George se escapaba de todos los seres humanos, pero de nosotros no. For even more convenience, like offline lessons and an add-free learning experience, upgrade to Duolingo Plus. You can start your 7 day free trial of Duolingo Plus by going to duolingo. Your subscription supports free content that you already know and love, like this podcast. Washington used this grant to study in continental Ecuador to become a biologist, but he would return every summer to continue volunteering.

Martina: When it came time for Washington to choose a subject for his final thesis he decided to study the tortoises on Isabela Island. He wanted to find out if there was crossbreeding between tortoises that lived on two different volcanoes there. Martina: During those 18 months of solitude, Washington had to learn how to hunt wild cows so he could eat. At first he had an assistant who taught him how to hunt. Later, he was replaced by another assistant who never spoke to Washington. Martina: Tortoises nest by digging holes where they lay their eggs and then cover them with dirt, urine, and feces.

That creates an impermeable and protective layer above them. One was the black fire ant. Washington: Estas hormigas son un predador terrible. Martina: Pigs were introduced to the islands as a food source for humans in the s, and their population skyrocketed.

It also made him believe more firmly than ever that he had a responsibility to protect the animals of the island, especially tortoises like George. He would control populations of predators and species that were non-native to the islands.

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Martina: And that was just the beginning. In that position he worked with researchers who came from all over the world to study the animals and plants on the Islands. Martina: Washington eventually developed a large network of contacts—scientists, biologists, and researchers from all over the world. Martina: But the eggs from both of those mates came up infertile. Martina: Lonesome George had died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. He was over a hundred years old. Fue como perder a alguien de mi familia. Martina: When George died, there was no longer any hope of perpetuating his species.

It went definitively extinct. This felt so final… so hopeless. When used as part of a question, nadie is used as part of a double negative.

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When used as an object pronoun, nadie requires the personal a. It has no direct translation into English.


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For example, " No veo a nadie " means " I don't see anyone. In standard Spanish, the phrase nadie de , "nobody from," "nobody in," or "nobody of," is followed by a singular noun. The Royal Spanish Academy says that nadie de should not be used to indicate one person of a group, and that ninguno should be used instead. Thus "none of my friends" should be translated as " ninguno de mis amigos.

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As with "nobody" in the English sentence "He believes he's a nobody," nadie can be used figuratively as a noun. As a noun it can be masculine or feminine as well as singular or plural depending on whom it refers to. Share Flipboard Email. Updated September 24, Key Takeaways: Nadie Nadie is usually a pronoun that means "nobody" or "no one. Nadie es perfecto.

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  8. Nobody is perfect. Los mujeres soon tristes. The women are sad.

    Be part of God's plan for Him to be loved by every people.

    Nobody is pleased. The feminine adjective is used here because the context indicates that nadie refers to women. Nadie quiero viajar conmigo. Nobody wants to travel with me. Don't tell anyone! They never understand anybody. No veo a nadie fuera de mi trabajo. I never see anybody outside of my work. Doesn't anybody want to go with you? Isn't anybody leaving to attend class? Doesn't anybody still believe Elvis is alive?

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