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Emden, Sefer hit'avkut , 27b. See also 24a. In Emden, Sefer hit'avkut , 28b—29a.

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I am grateful to my colleague Zvi Kunshtat for drawing my attention to the actual date of publication. On the circumstances of its composition, see Jacob Emden, Megilat sefer , ed. See ibid. Leiden : Brill , , — See Idel, Saturn's Jews , In Renaissance iconography Saturn is often depicted as a six-pointed star. Klibansky et al. Compare to Ecclesiastes It is interesting to compare Emden's commentary to the words of Jacob Sasportas, the great seventeenth-century adversary of Sabbatianism.

Tishby , Isaiah Jerusalem : Mosad Bialik , , An illusion to B.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of A History Of The French Novel, by George Saintsbury (Vol. 2).

Emphases are mine. See Emden, Sefer hit'avkut , 46b. Northup , George T. MacNutt , Francis A. On melancholy and cannibalism, see Lestringant, Cannibals , 70, 86— For example, see Emden, Sefer hit'avkut , 32b. It is possible that Emden was familiar with this edition, though he clearly refers to the original English title. Lestringant, Cannibals , 64—65, 68—80; Juall , Scott D. Emden began printing the book in but only published it in The date on the title page is the first day of Kislev November 13, See Emden, Megilat sefer , I am grateful to Zvi Kunshtat for drawing my attention to this detail.

He [R. Abbahu] said to him: If it was written le-Sason [for Sason], it would be as you said, but since it is written be-Sason [with Sason], a water-skin will be made of your skin, and water will be drawn with it. Sukkah 48b. Salomon , H. Leiden : Brill , , , For da Silva's discussion, see pp. Jacob Emden, Sefer shimush Amsterdam [Altona? Testimony of Shmuel Segal.

Emden, Sefer shimush , 5b. Shlomo Y. Zevin, vol. Ebrei d'Europa e omicidi rituali Bologna : Il Mulino , , For Jewish use of and positive attitudes towards corpse and blood medicine, see Zimmels , H. David Tebl, Sefer bet David Wolmersdorf, , 39a. Compare Efron , Noah J.

On the attitude of Emden and his contemporaries about rationalistic philosophy and the new science, see for example Ruderman , David B. Emphasis is mine.

In European literature, Tatars were depicted as cannibalistic. The year , trans. On the correspondence between the two on this subject and their attitude towards gentiles, see in detail Jacob J. Carlebach , Elisheva and Schachter , Jacob J. Borodianski, Moses Mendelssohn , no. Samuels , Moses , vol. Mellen , , — The divine Law neither legislated against nor abrogated natural law.

Therefore anything forbidden by natural law remains forbidden by the divine Law … The divine Law … forbids … both the flesh and the blood of another human being. On the antique origins of these contrary images, see Pocock , J. Vespucci, Mundus novus , 6—7.

Emden, Sefer shimush , 18a—b. For example, see ibid. And if one of them comes to his friend's house and does not finds the husband at home, he tells the wife that he is one of their company. Vespucci, Letter to Piero Soderini , first voyage, Idelson-Shein, Difference of a Different Kind , The eater does not change him into himself, that is, into food for his flesh; but he himself will be changed into him, so as to become a member of his body which is the one Church, redeemed and fed by the one body of Christ.

Similar cases were raised by Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and others. See respectively City of God against the Pagans , trans. Green , William M.

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