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A solid blue bar suddenly appeared on the map of Detroit Lake on Jerry Sondag's fish finder. Being a very superstitious muskie fisherman, Sondag kept the boat within the boundary of the blue box for the next 20 minutes, looking for a bite. Sondag has been fishing for most of his life. He grew up in Chicago, but fished the lakes area in the summers, staying at his grandfather's cabin. His father and godfather were also avid fishermen. He started getting into pike fishing, chasing the fish every May for the opener. That's where he got a thirst for muskie.

My lure collection grew, had more than one rod and started catching muskies ," he said. Sondag said he enjoyed fishing for muskies, but sometimes lacked confidence when he would fish all day without a bite. There's just something about him," he said. I put down every other rod, and I really, really focused on muskies and found myself very successful at it. He started guiding for muskies in after fulfilling a promise to himself to not start guiding until he caught muskies in days.

He started Headshaker Guide Service, guiding anglers for the elusive big muskie. When I went on the water, I knew I was going to catch a fish," he said. The way to a trophy muskie varies by season. Sandom has a gift with words. His story holds your interest and raises your spirits as you read it. Dec 08, Jeff rated it it was amazing. The cover of this book is brilliant, it reminds me of an island I used to visit.

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Sandom is an excellent writer. He vividly tells the story in such an eloquent manner. Sandom continues to amaze me with each book, I am a huge fan. I love fishing and being on the water, so I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. Once I started reading t The cover of this book is brilliant, it reminds me of an island I used to visit. Once I started reading this book, I was hooked and read it until the end. Dec 14, Bernie Joseph rated it it was amazing. The author depicts full blown realistic characters.

The unemployed father in the story is not placed high on a pedestal.

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He is a human being complete with flaws and problems and weaknesses. Neither he nor his son have much to share in the way of material things, the measure of importance that the world customarily applies. But they do have experiences to share, and genuine deeply felt love for each other.

If you are a completely jaded cynic about people, families, and the transformative power of love, this is not the story for you. But to you, I say bah humbug! I was utterly delighted by this well-written beautiful story. Especially if you are a father or a son. The ritual of fishing is like a metaphor for all the important sharing that goes on in a family.

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Fishing fans, I have no doubt, will instantly relate to the particulars of the story. But the rest of us, who may not have been fishing for years or ever will find themselves looking beyond the surface and finding something very precious. Really terrific. Dec 15, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing.

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I thought the characters of this book were extremely realistic. The opening scenes in the book were both eye-catching and action packed. I loved the discussion in the book about money. The characters in the book are realistic in the way they interact with each other, too. I felt like I could see each scene happening and hear each word being said. I liked the I thought the characters of this book were extremely realistic. Dec 16, Mzchary rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading this book, I would recommend this book to any of my friends for an easy and intriguing read.

Great story of a bond between a father and his son. The imagery and the metaphors used in the story made the book more vivid and life-like. I felt as if I were in the story, it was easy to follow along with the events.

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Excellent book filled with life changing events that shaped the characters throughout the story. This is a story of family, and it has life lessons throughout the book. R I enjoyed reading this book, I would recommend this book to any of my friends for an easy and intriguing read. Read it!! Dec 15, Ebonie rated it it was amazing.

Sandom's " Muskie Hunt" is a great, but very quick read. It is filled with real life experiences, such as success and loss and coping with the sense of defeat that overcomes when good times turn bad.

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In the spring and fall, Sondag switches to live bait and uses three- to four-pound suckers to catch the really big muskies. Getting networked with a muskie organization like Muskies Inc. Having a group mentality with friends who will tell you where the fish will be can really be a big help.

Muskie fishing is not all fun and games.

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Many of Sondag's clients, along with himself and every other muskie angler on the lake, are looking to land a trophy fish. Competition between muskie anglers is sometimes heated. Fishermen will sometimes fish right on top of another boat, get in their way or cut them off while fishing.


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The popularity of Detroit Lake for muskies has also brought an influx of anglers, which has strained the muskie population, according to Sondag. Five years ago, there were very few boats on the lake with him. Just a few weeks ago, when the biting was hot, Sondag counted 35 boats. With other lakes going through hot and cold cycles, Sondag said anglers will jump from lake to lake looking for the fish.


Sondag said muskie fishing sometimes puts a strain on his personal and professional relationships. It's a financial burden, it puts stress on relationships and friendships and that's a shame because it's a great sport. Word has gotten out about the big muskies that can be caught in Detroit Lake, and out-of-the-area guides have muscled in on Sondag's territory. He feels he has a leg up on the out-of-towners, though.